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Pythagorus, the Greek mathematician and philosopher, spoke of a trivium consisting of
music, mathematics, and art that was necessary for a true liberal arts education.  His words
appealed to me because ancestors on both sides of my family include  musicians,
mathematicians, and artists.  I studied music as a child through my young adult years, teach
mathematics as a career, but have practiced art all my life.  Working with fabric from a young
age evolved to include fibre, felting and weaving in adult years.  Curious about new
dimensions, I experimented with adding beads but quickly found the stones themselves
mesmerizing.  Working with precious metals was the next obvious step.  What followed was
natural progression to bending and shaping wire.  Many of the designs came from my
rosemaling, which is a Norwegian folk painting that I've done for years.  My art is a work in
progress, as is the case with all art.  I live on a small farm in the northern Puget Sound region
of Washington state that I share with my family, a couple of horses, a few llamas, and a dog.
We're happy here.  It's a good place to practice art.

I look forward to hearing from you.